Food for Thought - Working on working less.

  • 28 Mar 2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Image Brew, 1100 West 38th Ave Denver, CO 80211
  • 20


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Food for Thought - Working on working less.

"I work way too many hours."

I work in adland, or to be more precise I work in a land of way too many hours. The 50-hour week, the 60-hour week...what about the 80-hour week when the pitch is on. If that sounds familiar read on: 

When did the number of hours we work in a week become a sign of how good we are at our job? Are we in adland to blame, or are the unreasonable expectations of clients and unmovable deadlines? Or is it just business and we should take it on the chin?

If we're honest about it, do we expect younger colleagues to work overly arduous hours as a rite of passage? 

And what about the people who seem to be just more efficient? Are we doing something wrong or are they just work shy and don't have the same stamina?

If these questions ring true to you or your agency, this month's Food For Thought will draw on a panel of smart folk to share their experiences of working too many hours, how agencies can improve work life balance and how individuals can take back control of their working hours.

Join us for a healthy discussion, insights and tips on how we can help each other and ourselves enjoy a more normal working schedule.

Panelists include:

Jen Sterling, Managing Director and Partner, Sterling Rice Group

Blair Brookman, HR Manager, TDA

Chris Dalton, President & Coach, Empowered Achievers

Ben Castelli, Agency Director, Room 214

Chris Hess, Creative Director/Founder, Mondo Robot

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